Healthy Ageing


Healthy ageing can be defined as day to day activities and actions that are done to lessen the chance of being sick and ailment. This can be done by increasing you health physically, emotionally and mentally. It can also be defined as fighting sickness and ailments by using lifestyle alteration.

If you want to take joy in healthy ageing you must be physically fit by:

1. Performing routine exercises such as walking and jogging which are less strenuous are very beneficial to your health.
2. Eating a well balanced diet containing green leafy vegetables, whole grains and fruits.
3. Sleep can help in reducing the levels of your stress hormones so it is very important to get enough sleep.
4. Stop smoking. It is well known that smoking cigarettes is harmful to your health as it heightens the chances of having major issues with your health.
5. Alcohol should be taken moderately. During festive seasons, binge drinking should be avoided as this has a major impact on your liver.
6. Obesity can develop to an illness that is life threatening if it is not monitored well and therefore impacts negatively on healthy ageing.
7. Taking breaks away from day to day activities is essential. As the saying goes, ‘a change is as good as a rest,’ breaks can act as morale booster.

Remember it is important to have yearly medical examinations so that if there is a problem, it can be dealt with earlier and help you enjoy healthy ageing.

Fitness & Ageing Gracefully

Maintaing a regular dose of aerobic, cardio and yoga workouts after age 40 can slow down the natural ageing and extend independence during senior years.

Aerobic and cardio workouts can include jogging and walking in natural environments or on the treadmill. These actions exercise vital body organs improving the oxygen intake and overall metabolism of the human system.

As one gets older it is natural for the body slows down and the ability to generate power (rate of energy production) decreases. Studies have indicated that there is significant slow-down every 10 years. So, the rate of energy production in a 60 year old usually drops to half of what a 20 year ol can produce.

Studies have indicated that even in old age (or middle age) regular workout, yoga and excercise can reverse or slow down the rate of slow down.

A combination of maintaining high oxygen intake and muscle strength can contribute to seniors and the elderly maintaining a good quality of life and independence.

It follows that exercise and yoga can also contribute significantly in recovering from illness/surgery and sickness.